The Nautical Centre of Arcachon

A unique place to book your water sports activities

Located on a privileged site, the Nautical Centre of Arcachon
offers a wide range of activities for all levels and ages.

For the youngest
  • Light sail on optimist (from 7 years old),
  • Discovery of surfing (from 6 years old),
  • Private catamaran course (from 11 years old)
  • Kitesurfing lessons from 16 years old….
With the family
  • Paddle ride,
  • Catamaran rental,
  • Kayak ride,
  • Private sailing lessons….
With friends or alone
  • Strong sensations in Jet Ski,
  • Diving experience
  • Stand-up paddle
  • Pass your coastal licence in one weekend….
Arcachon Nautical CenterHere, the most difficult thing is to choose

Quai Goslar, Arcachon Port
Tel. 05 56 83 77 42
Only open in July and August