Discover the secrets of Cannelés and Dunes Blanches

100% local delicacies and pastries

Yum, yum…. What could be better than something sweet to finish off a meal or a treat for the children at tea-time?

If the sweet tooth in you is wondering about specialities, which sometimes have strange names, try them!  You can try them in Arcachon, la Teste de Buch and Gujan-Mestras’ famous pastry shops. There are a few traditional delicacies you must try, and they will certainly be amongst the best souvenirs of your holiday in Arcachon.

To be consumed without moderation!

The cannelé

The Cannelé of Bordeaux is the flagship product among Gironde pastries and in Arcachon too. It’s a traditional cake-style pastry with a crispy outside and soft centre, a delight to the palate. Flavoured with rum and vanilla, a combination which makes it taste quite simply exquisite.

Advice for those with a sweet tooth: you can find cannelés in many of the bakeries in Arcachon. A few addresses stand out from the crowd though and promise to deliver the best-ever cannelés!


The Dune Blanche

Its name is a reference to a beach on the Cap-Ferret Peninsula, the Dune Blanche (white dune) is one of the unmissable desserts to taste on the Bay of Arcachon and in Bordeaux all year round.

This pastry, invented in Grand Piquey, has attracted sweet lovers since 2008! There is a story behind the Dune Blanche. It was invented thanks to the master baker Paul Lucas’ son. When coming home late after an evening out with friends, Brice Lucas used to fill ‘chouquettes’ (little choux buns) leftover from his father’s bakery with lightly whipped cream. A night-time snack with a promising future!  In only a few years, these light, airy choux buns filled with cream have gained an increasing reputation in the whole South-West region. La Dune Blanche is today an iconic sweet speciality of Arcachon and Cap-Ferret.

Let yourself be tempted. This delicacy can be eaten plain or in 5 different flavours (raspberry-white chocolate, caramel-salted butter, nougatine with sesame seeds, Nutella and dark chocolate). They are quite simply delicious!


The Dunette

This marvellous delicacy: the famous Dunette based on the theme of the Bay was invented at Patisserie Marquet which has three stores in La Teste, Le Moulleau and Arcachon.  The confectionery is made with marzipan flavoured with Fine de Bordeaux (an eau de vie), pine nuts and a milk chocolate base. Simply exquisite!