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Dare tubing!

For those who like speed, thrills, stunts and a giggle!

Come and take a deep breath of sea air and liven up your holiday in Arcachon with a good laugh with family or friends.

Tubing is the ultimate entertaining water sport.

What’s the concept? In the exceptional setting of the Bay of Arcachon, lie down on a buoy alone or with others and be towed by a motorboat. Equipped with a life jacket and looked after by qualified instructors, tubing is a safe activity for all age groups (from age 5 upwards).

On the agenda: an athletic sea-air filled outing, jumping waves, and sharp turns throughout. Tubing is a bit like a thrilling ride in a theme park.

Dive in at the deep end! Everything starts slowly to get away from the beaches. Then the speed increases. What’s the goal?  To cling to the handles, hang on to the buoy and withstand the G forces which push you forward in the turns. Then the speed and adrenaline increase again, as does the pulse for the those lucky enough to be on the ride. Shocks and waves hit head on and make the buoy take off and provide sensations you will never forget. When you roam the immensity of the Arcachon Bay on an inflatable craft, you can’t resist falls and the call of the sea. Giggles, fun and thrills are guaranteed!

Are you looking for a novel idea for a festive event on the Atlantic Coast? Tubing in the Arcachon Bay is a novel idea for experiencing and sharing unforgettable moments together for birthdays, family reunions and stag or hen parties.