Que faire quand il pleut à Arcachon ?Josic61
©enfants parapluie |Josic61

Super, it’s raining !

What is there to do in Arcachon when it’s raining?

A few raindrops won’t stop you doing what you want!

It does rain here sometimes, that’s a fact!

But it’s not the weather which will spoil the pleasure of your holiday in Arcachon.

Yes of course you can slip on your Wellington boots or wrap up in your best, oiled fishing coat to brave the elements. However, to keep your feet completely dry, your mind busy and entertain yourself in rainy weather, there are plenty of things to do in Arcachon.

With children, think about all the fun and cultural activities there are to do: a media library, the town’s swimming-pool, the aquarium, a cinema, a theatre, a bowling alley, art galleries and exhibitions, a stroll in the Winter Town with an umbrella, the tourist train, a boat trip in a covered boat or a visit to Arcachon Fish Market.

Indulge in a gourmet break, a tasty brunch, oyster tasting or a delicious seafood platter. Open the door of one of our tea shops to unwind and enjoy a treat. Let yourself be tempted by a delicious cake or the famous pastries which contribute to Arcachon’s reputation. Treat your senses and taste buds while wandering through the stalls at the covered market and its thousands of colours and lovely smells.

There’s plenty to do!
Rainy days in Arcachon never rhyme with boredom.