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Take it slow

Are you are always running around? Let go and enjoy every minute of your holiday in Arcachon.


Today, the real luxury of a holiday is to be able to take your time! Disconnect, slow down the pace, don’t bother about the time, cultivate idleness to get the most out of your holiday.

On the Atlantic Coast, Arcachon is an ideal location for eco-tourism and slow- tourism. The perfect combination of an impressive play area for lovers of great open spaces and a frame of mind respectful of an exceptional natural environment.

Simple luxuries for experiencing moments of intensity

Land, lagoon and ocean give Arcachon its uniqueness as an authentic destination, encompassing over 80km of coast, beaches and wooded dune. A corner of paradise where it’s pleasant to stroll, go off the beaten track on foot or by bike, recharge your batteries and enjoy a relaxing stay.

Take your time to wander around the charming little oyster villages of L’Aiguillon, Gujan-Mestras, Andernos, Cap Ferret, L’Herbe, Le Canon or Biganos. Sail the peaceful waters of the Bay at the tides’ pace, let yourself be rocked by the gentle murmur of lapping water or the ocean’s muffled rumble. Bask in the sun and relax on the 7 kilometres of beaches available in Arcachon. Take time to taste oysters and a small glass of white wine. Come back to the pleasures of eating local products, tune your taste buds to the specialities of the Gironde.

Admire the spectacle of the day’s last glimmer of sunshine reflected on the Bay. As lovers, you can contemplate the panoramic views over the Bay of Arcachon. Escape to the generous and verdant countryside of the Landes.

Enjoying the present moment is a priority on the Bay of Arcachon!