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Arcachon is part of the surfing landscape

Jacques Lajuncomme, dynamic President of the French Surfing Federation, sails between the Basque Country and the spots of Gironde. This winter, the Federation awarded Arcachon the “Ville de Surf” label. This distinction rewards the diversity of the spots and their “natural” character, their accessibility to all publics, as well as the involvement of the clubs and the town in the practice of all types of surfing.

What were the advantages of Arcachon’s bid?

In May 2022, our board of directors met in Arcachon. For us, this town is part of the surfing landscape.

Although it doesn’t have any urban spots, it has 4 schools accredited by our Federation, as well as surfers of all kinds, para surfers, adapted para surfers, SUP*ers, adapted para SUPers and para SUPers.

In addition, the municipality, a number of associations and several clubs are very active in para surfing, i.e. inclusive surfing for people with disabilities.
This is an important criterion for obtaining the label.
As far as competitions and sporting results are concerned, Arcachon also boasts some fine successes, and is home to such talents as Anne Cécile Lacoste, Mathie Goujon, French bodyboarding champion in the hope category**, Martin Mouradian 12 times
French champion, Maxime Castillo, Louan Nogues, Erwan Blouin and a number of up-and-coming para-surfers and para-adapted surfers who have all made the podium at the 2022 French championships.
With this label, the commune joins major surfing towns such as Lacanau, Biarritz and Hossegor, and is part of a dynamic trend.
In the space of a year, the Villes de Surf group has grown from 10 to 20 members.

And the momentum continues!

In concrete terms, what does this label mean for the town?

Our Federation is committed to supporting the development of clubs, competitions and social initiatives such as para surfing, healthy surfing, surfing for all… We were impressed by Arcachon’s commitment to eco-responsible surfing. We’ll be supporting the town and the clubs, for example, by creating facilities and signage on the beaches that make the schools more visible and convey messages relating to environmental protection.
With regard to coastal regulations, we also help mayors by presenting them with the guidelines common to all towns in the label. Finally, the Federation is involved in a new training program – “Surfeur Sentinelle” – which supports surfers in their role as the first link in the rescue chain.

Is this label a lifetime pass?

No. It’s renewable every year, which makes it a mark of quality.
It’s a recognition and a lever for tourism policy, even if Arcachon doesn’t need to demonstrate its attractiveness. The label is not intended to attract more surfers to the water, as our beaches are not infinitely expandable.
It’s about quality, not quantity. The number of members is up by around 10%, but in reality, the development of surfing is much more significant.

With this label, participants can be sure that their activity will take place under the best safety and practical conditions.