Christian Moguérou, journalist-author-blogger

Journalist, author, blogger, Christian Moguérou has been professionally drawn to Paris, but irresistibly attracted to the Bassin d’Arcachon, which he sublimates through his words and photos.

“Twenty-five years together, almost half my life, it’s no longer a union libre, it’s a marriage. It’s no longer a vacation, it’s a move. It’s no longer a setting, it’s the wallpaper of an existence. Crazy about the Basin, I became so instantly (…)”.

Christian Moguérou proclaims his carnal love for the Arcachon Basin in his book “Fou du Bassin”, published by Editions Erick Bonnier in July 2020, in the midst of the Coronavirus. Born in La Rochelle, this journalist and author built his professional career in Paris. Creator and editor-in-chief of numerous magazines (Jalouse, l’Optimum, VSD, La Parisienne), he also founded his own media production company in 2007. But it’s around the Bassin that his personal life has been woven: marriage in La Teste de Buch, his daughter’s first steps on our beaches, parents in Arcachon and an intimate book on the Bassin. And while he continues to make ink flow, notably through collaborations with La Dépêche du Bassin, it’s on the Bassin that he plans to drop anchor. “Everything here inspires me. My eyes never get tired. Every time I go back to Paris, the gap widens.” Like so many tourists, Christian Moguérou has known the Bassin summer by summer. Then he started coming and going off-season. His desire to change his outlook and his publishing projects did the rest. In the past, the author signed the iconoclastic “Guide de survie du Cap Ferret” with Pascal Bataille. His first book, “Journal d’un mâle poli”, published in 2017, was written between Paris, Cap Ferret and Arcachon. Since then, his immersion in the Bassin has continued to grow…


“I’ve seen 1,000 landscapes over a 70 km circumference. I’ve surveyed the territory without ever tiring of it, from Pyla to Andernos, from Petit Piquey to Audenge, from Taussat to the Ville d’Hiver in Arcachon. I try to translate this experience into words and photos.”
Christian Moguérou has a keen eye for the Basin, which he shares on social networks. His photos and texts can be seen on Instagram (@thefousdebassin). “I have a large stock of shots. I’m working on a selection with a view to an exhibition in the future. With several Facebook accounts, our man with a passion for literature resists the quest for followers, preferring quality to quantity. An axiom he also advocates when it comes to tourism, which must be sustainable, responsible and reasoned. “I was shocked by certain behaviors last summer. If you come to the Basin, the first thing is to respect it. Everyone who stays here should be aware of this privilege. The communes of the Basin are not seaside resorts that die out with the departure of the last tourists. The heart of the Basin is alive all year round, with an ecosystem and environment that must be protected.