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The most beautiful spots for admiring the sunset

The magic of a sunset in Arcachon is worthy of an old master’s painting!

When the sun goes down in Arcachon, the sky lights up and the last glimmers of daylight enhance the Bay’s magnificent landscapes. Here, Mother Nature is used to providing us with a sumptuous palette of vivid colours and spectacular sunsets.

To get the most out of such enchanted moments, find the best spots for admiring the most beautiful sunsets in Arcachon.

From Pereire beach

A favourite spot for locals and visitors to Arcachon to savour a sunset over the Atlantic Ocean! This beach located in the Spring Town faces due west and enjoys an exceptional view over Arcachon Bay and the Cap Ferret Peninsula. At low tide, the sand bank is revealed, and the sun’s last rays are splendidly reflected on the Bay.  It’s a breath-taking spectacle!

From the top of the Dune of Pilat

This is a great classic for sure, and rightly so! What could be more wonderful than being at the summit of Europe’s highest sand dune to contemplate the sun setting in the ocean? A world of sand and silence, it offers an outstanding 360-degree panorama to the brave who climb the 109 metres to get to the top! Enjoy a fantastic view of the Bay of Arcachon and the Cap Ferret Peninsula, with the Banc d’Arguin to the west the and the Landes pine forest to the east. It’s quite simply stunning!

From the top of the Sainte-Cécile observatory belvedere

Take to the skies and contemplate the last rays of sunshine mixed with the lights of Arcachon from the observation deck. Designed by architect  and engineer Paul Regnauld in 1863, this metal structure rises to a height of 25 metres! Admission is free but climbing up the Belvedere can be tiring; it is worth it, however, as you will be largely rewarded by the exceptional view from the top of the observatory. It is, without a doubt, one of the best views over Arcachon and its Bay, the oyster farms, Cap Ferret and the Île aux Oiseaux. When the sun sets behind Notre-Dame Basilica, it is a truly beautiful spectacle.

From a boat or pinasse

Arcachon is the ultimate destination for sailing and is ideal for renting a sailing boat, motorboat or traditional local boat: a pinasse. On board your boat, lower the anchor as the sun goes down and casts it’s last glimmers over the Bay. You can then admire the sunset while tasting oysters with a small glass of white wine … a delight for the eyes and the taste buds!

From Le Moulleau Pier

For an unforgettable moment, go to the pier at Le Moulleau. As it seems like it’s at land’s end, the spot is very popular with photographers and lovers, particularly at sunset.  The Bay is lit up by a range of sumptuous colours, time stands still and the magic operates. The Dune of Pilat, the Banc d’Arguin and the Cap Ferret lighthouse are illuminated by the sun’s reflection, the view is simply sensational!