Reserve your parking in town

With the Presto Park and Paybyphone application, pay for parking using your cell phone!

The advantages of Presto Park and Paybyphone :

  • Save time and simplicity: pay and manage your parking in just a few clicks, without leaving your vehicle.
  • Flexibility: extend your parking time remotely, with complete peace of mind
  • Real-time monitoring: view the time remaining on your parking and be alerted before it expires
  • Ease of use: intuitive, free applications available on App Store and Google Play
  • Secure payment: pay for your parking by credit card, at no extra cost
  • More ecological: no more paper tickets, opt for a paperless parking solution

How does it work?

The principle is simple:

  • Download the Presto Park or Paybyphone application onto your smartphone
  • Create an account by entering your personal details and license plate number
  • Park in an application-compatible parking zone
  • Select your parking zone and duration in the application
  • Confirm your payment by credit card
  • Your receipt is immediately available in the application

The highlights of these applications?

  • Parking history: you can easily find all your past parking and receipts
  • Personalization: you can save your favorite parking zones for even faster access.
  • Notifications: you’ll be alerted by the application before the end of your parking period
  • Multilingual: applications are available in several languages
For further information, please visit the following websites: