Lounge Area

On the first floor of the Convention Centre, the same floor as the Auditorium and the Salle des Ambassadeurs. It has been laid out and decorated in lounge style and includes: a reception desk with contrasting graphic lines, a separate bar for serving coffee breaks, a meeting-discussion area with a superb view of Arcachon Bay, a cloakroom and luggage storage area.

Service +

The Convention Centre’s office equipment is at your disposal in the secretariat (photocopiers).


 Coffee Break Area

Service provided by the Convention Centre or an accredited caterer throughout the event.

Visite virtuelle


Reception desk.
Storerooms. Cloakroom.
Direct telephone line. General call microphone.
Bar counter + 6 stand up tables and 10 bar stools.
Water fountain. Lounges.
1 40-inch television screen.


Office equipment located at the Convention Centre secretariat is placed at your disposal (photocopier etc.)
as well as a plasma screen for signposting your events.
The Convention Centre technician is at your disposal upon request.