Who wants to be my supplier?

A concept to support entrepreneurs

As part of the “Plage aux entrepreneurs” event to be held on September 14 in Arcachon, the Origine France Garantie association has come up with a concept to bring together young entrepreneurs wishing to launch a French industrial project and professional suppliers. It’s a well-known problem: when you’re a young entrepreneur, the most complicated thing is to convince a supplier or subcontractor to become a production partner for the first series, the first prototype or the first phase of production. It’s also at this point that we see who the seasoned entrepreneurs are, capable of quickly recognizing a project that can hit the bull’s-eye and subsequently become a regular major customer. A bit like a soccer scout, you have to spot talent, give it the opportunity to develop, and support it when it reaches maturity and is called upon in an even more competitive environment.

Who wants to be my supplier?” is designed to give young entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their project, their desire, their issues, their entrepreneurial vision around a nascent industrial project, or one that is faltering for lack of a production solution. It could be a relocation project, the development of a clothing brand, or the desire to innovate with new production techniques to make a product more competitive in an already highly competitive market. The possibilities are as numerous as they are varied. Like the famous show on M6, the sequence aims to provide visibility and opportunities for meetings with an audience made up mainly of business leaders and professionals, invited beforehand in the form of a “network of helpers”, to start a dialogue with the project representatives. Difficulties are commonplace in industrial projects, and we shouldn’t be ashamed of them, but rather explain them and make them public, so as to find a solution with a French industrial network known for its solidarity and support.