Julien Marinetti exhibition

Julien Marinetti

Julien Marinetti is a painter, sculptor and engraver.
Born in Paris in 1967, he grew up in the Saint-Germain-Des-Prés district, where art and crafts were flourishing. He studied drawing and sculpture at the Ateliers de la Grande Chaumière, then moved on to the studios of Edmond Heuzé
and Paul Belmondo, as well as the Louvre galleries.
An obstinate creator, he constantly seeks to explore new forms and techniques in order to open up his work to a new dimension. After years devoted to oil and acrylic painting, Julien Marinetti tried his hand at sculpture. His pictorial work took a new turn.
The artist exhibited his first realistic bronze sculpture, the iconic bulldog “Doggy John”. Emancipating himself, sculpture became the preferred medium for his own painting: from this fusion, he created what he calls “Art Syncretism”.
The painter has always pointed out that the traditional canvas (due to its composition) is not a two-dimensional medium, but a three-dimensional one. A close look at his NeoCubist-inspired works reveals compositions inspired by the Great Masters of the early 20th century: Kasimir Malevich, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Henri Matisse and Fernand Leger.


Julien Marinetti’s artistic approach is unique and innovative: from the fusion of sculpture and painting he has created what he calls “Art Syncretism”: the creation of a common language, perceived by all and appropriated by each. His choice of bronze is part of this quest for the timeless. After monochrome dressings and collages, the artist, always on the lookout for new forms, decided to create a junction between his painting and his sculpture.

The figurative object is no longer a simple sculpture, but becomes a medium for the artist’s pictorial expression; a 3-dimensional canvas.
This pictorial contribution to a figurative object is a first in art, encouraging the eye to turn around the object to observe the pictorial composition as a whole.
Each support adds a new dimension to the other. And if Julien Marinetti prefers to distance himself from pure volume in order to better experiment with his pictorial theory, it’s through different models, each more hypnotic than the last, that the fusion of practices takes place. Doggy John’, ‘Teddy Bear’, ‘Bâ le Panda’…

These contemporary totems bear witness to a profound desire to make original use of sculpture and painting.

Julien Marinetti around the world

As a modern artist, Julien Marinetti is one of those proud Frenchmen who exports himself internationally with ease, leaving no doubt as to the recognition of his talent. The artist’s giant works quickly find their ideal spaces of expression in the settings of the greatest metropolises: Paris, London, New York, Singapore or mythical landscapes such as Courchevel, Marrakech or Calvi.

An exhibition organized in collaboration with Galeries Bartoux
Totems à ciel ouvert exhibition

May 19 to October 4
Place Thiers and Front de Mer