Serge Labégorre / Marc Petit exhibition

Serge Labégorre

“Unquestionably our country’s foremost figure of contemporary expressionism, Serge Labégorre charges his works, whether landscapes or portraits, with such a density of inner life that one could make him the Rembrandt of our time(…)”
Noël Coret, art historian and critic, 2019.

Serge Labégorre, whose work is recognized by leading art critics, was born in Talence in 1932. He lives in Fronsac and always works to paint what seems most important to him: the soul, in a bold gesture that places bold colors on canvas. He questions our own humanity through the eyes of his characters, who cannot leave us indifferent.

Successful since the early 60’s, the artist has exhibited in numerous national and international galleries, and a large number of his paintings have entered national collections.

Marc Petit

“Marc Petit is a sculptor of souls, seeking out what lies deep in matter, what pulsates in the human heart (…) Yes, it stings a little sometimes, but most of the time, if you look closely, what he reveals is called compassion, solidarity, self-sacrifice, contemplation, prayer… tenderness” Ludovic Duhamel, Miroir de l’Art, 2022

Marc Petit was born in Saint Céré (Lot) in 1961. He lives and works just outside Limoges. From the age of 14, he knew he wanted to be a sculptor. Two sculptors, former students of the Paris beaux-arts René Fournier and Jean Lorquin (premier grand prix de Rome 1949), regularly corrected his work for over ten years.

Acknowledged as one of the most talented sculptors of our time, Marc Petit exhibits his work on a permanent basis in numerous art spaces, galleries and national and international fairs.

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