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which gave them a warm welcome to the Bassin.


Clarisse, General Secretary of a Federation, talks about her reasons for choosing Arcachon and her selection criteria.

You have chosen Arcachon as the venue for your 2022 annual congress, which will bring together all the Federation’s members. What were your selection criteria?

When we were scouting the area, we were impressed by its accessibility. We took the LGV from Paris Gare Montparnasse at 6.37am and were enjoying a coffee on the terrace facing the beach by 10am. A real change of scenery in just 3 hours, and an incredible view of the Basin in just 3 hours – it’s simply magical!

Did you have any preconceived ideas about the destination?
Some, I must admit. I thought Arcachon was much more isolated, but in fact it’s very easy to get to by plane from Bordeaux or by LGV from Paris.
I had imagined a less upmarket hotel, asaccommodation is a key factor in welcoming our participants. In the end, I discovered that the city has several 3 and 4 star hotels on the seafront, and what’s more, they’re all within walking distance of the Palais and the restaurants!

What questions did you have about the feasibilitý of the project?
We had very precise specifications. We organize the ACT de France congress every year at the beginning of November, and every time, the same issues come up:
– Will we have enoughreception space?
– Will the plenary hall be large enough?
– Will the hotel facilities meet our expectations?
– Will the activities for accompanying persons and the entire group be conducive to conviviality in the middle of autumn?
– Will we be able to hold dinners with a group of 400 people?

When scouting, did you put 2 destinations in competition with each other? What arguments tipped the scales in favor of Arcachon?

We selected 2 convention centers, both facing the sea. Les Atlantes in Les Sables d’Olonne and the Palais des Congrès in Arcachon, which came out on top. In fact, the charm of the site, the guided tours of the Ville d’Hiver for accompanying guests and the pinasse outing were decisive, not to mention the gastronomy: oysters, fish, foie gras, caviar…. And let’s not forget the hotels, which can accommodate large groups. The town has 5 4-star establishments, 9 3-star establishments and 3 2-star establishments, which is no mean feat.

Did you achieve your objectives for the gala evening?
The participants were looking forward to this evening, as they only dine together once a year. Bringing together 400 people in a single venue while maintaining a convivial atmosphere was a real challenge, and we met it head on by organizing the gala dinner in the Salle des Ambassadeurs , with its spacious room and sublime view of the seafront.

Did the sales team help you make the right choices?
The sales team was extremely efficient. They were very reactive and well-informed about new trends and local innovations, and guided us towards the best suppliers.
The Palais des Congrès team also offered us several atypical venues: the Tir au Vol room, the privatization of the Arcachon market́, the Salle des Ambassadeurs, which we actually chose for a unitý of venue at the Palais itself. From decoration to sound system, it was turnkey. All the conditions were met; a trendy DJ, modern scenography, a very festive atmosphere and top-of-the-range caterers who reflected the local bien-manger. As for the outdoor activities, we were guided according to our needs and, above all, within our budget.