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Try oyster tasting, learn how to open them and enjoy them

An unmissable gourmet break during your holiday in Arcachon!

The one culinary experience you should not miss during your stay in Arcachon is tasting local oysters in an oyster farmer’s cabin, at a restaurant, at the market or simply at your place of residence. This tasty shellfish has the “Arcachon Cap Ferret Oysters” appellation and is one of the rare products raised 100% naturally. For centuries, the oyster farmer’s know-how and the quality of the Bay’s terroir have provided the oysters with a high-quality taste of international renown.


Arcachon Bay oysters exhale the iodised flavours of sea spray which are so special. Whether they are eaten raw, cooked, seasoned with vinegar and shallot sauce or a dash of lemon juice, these oysters can be eaten at any time of day: in the morning, with an aperitif or for a meal!  The taste is sometimes mild and fleshy, and sometimes powerful and wild.

If the sea had a taste, this would be it!

Oysters to taste on site or to take-away

All around the Arcachon Bay, the oyster farmers invite you to taste their oysters in the authentic setting of their wooden cabins, it’s simply delightful. At their place of work and in a friendly atmosphere these “farmers of the sea”, as they call them here, provide in-house tastings or a take-away service for enjoying their products at home.

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Want to find a good addressto feast on?

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Take-away yes, but how do you open them easily when you get home?

Opening oysters is a delicate operation and an unchanging ritual before tasting. Rest assured, there’s nothing simpler!

Arm yourself with an oyster knife with a short, pointed, sharp blade and a tea-towel. Hold the oyster in the palm of your hand, hollow shell underneath held firmly in the tea-towel. Place the knife blade between the two shells where the muscle is. Pivot the blade horizontally, cut through the muscle with the knife. Finally, separate the upper shell gently without tearing the oyster’s flesh, empty out the fluid while removing any fragments of shell. Wait around 20 minutes for the oysters to regain finer fluids.

Your oyster is ready to be eaten. It’s best eaten with rye bread, salted butter and a small glass of white wine. Bon appétit!