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Le Palais des congrès d’Arcachon supports its customers at every stage,
from the first visit to the venue to the last delegate’s departure.
Our mission: to ensure that their experience in Arcachon is efficient,
hassle-free and successful.

You be the judge!


Sandrine, Project Director for a Paris-based events agency, tells us why she chose the Palais des Congrès d’Arcachon in 2022.

Sandrine, how did you come up with the idea of coming to us in Arcachon?

I was faced with the challenge of responding to a call for tenders in less than a week for a customer who wanted to bring together 450 employees. Our advertiser had very precise specifications: we had to present an innovative and creative offer, and above all respect the company’s CSR policy. We had to be accessible by train and less than 3 hours from Paris.
I had to find a destination that combined refinement and a change of scenery, other than Cannes or Deauville, where we had already taken our customer. And above all, we were well aware of our advertiser’s sensitivities, so a return to basics was essential.

I then remembered the promotional film I had seen at a Paris workshop on destinations less than 3 hours from Paris, “Palais des Congrès d’Arcachon; une énergie inspirante”. Suddenly, it all seemed so obvious. I was playing the film over and over again. The breathtaking view of the Bassin, the coffee break with my feet in the sand – it all came back to me, the meeting with theteam, the photos, the blue of the Bassin… the elegance and authenticitý of the site…

The destination renowned for its architectural heritage with the Ville d’Hiver, its Bassin, its oyster route and its preserved heritage. I thought back to the elegance and sobriety of the heart of the town 2 steps from the beach and I thought back to the fact that the town lives in all 4 seasons, which was a not insignificant argument in the rendering of the commercial proposal.

Did accessibility scare you off?

Not at all, our customer was seduced by theaccessibility. The LGV connects Arcachon to Paris Gare Montparnasse in just 3 hours, and the train is ideal for the company’s CSR approach. What’s more, the station is only a 10-minute walk from the Palais des Congrès, which considerably reduced the carbon footprint of the group’s seminar travel.

We were able to feel the spirit of a human-scale destination that combines quality of life with cultural and economic dynamism. The town is proud to support innovation by welcoming new start-ups that contribute to the region’s economic development.

All restaurants and hotels are within walking distance of the Palais des Congrès. Les Halles d’Arcachon and its covered market are open all year round for visitors to meet local producers.

I wasn’t worried about the project set-up and turnaround time. The Palais des Congrès team demonstrated flawless know-how and expertise. Committed to working made-in Bassin, the team mastered the tool to perfection and was able to build a top-of-the-range, made-to-measure offering in record time.

Facing the Bassin, the site offered almost 1300m2 to satisfy our customer’s needs. As for incentives, proposing an eco-responsible activity with the construction of wooden rafts on the beach or collecting waste along the coastline spoke to the decision-making team.

Our agency fulfilled its mission to the letter, and our customer was very satisfied. He even told us that he was able to bring his 5 senses to life on site! Which was quite magical.

Our agency fulfilled its mission to the letter, and our customer was very satisfied.
He even told us that he was able to bring his 5 senses to life on site! Which was quite magical.

HEARING… his team was able to hear the seagulls and the crashing of the waves…
ODORAT… his staff could smell the iodine and the pine forest.
THE TOUCH… the whole team felt the sand under their feet…
THE TASTE… tasting oysters…
THE SIGHT… she was treated to a grandiose spectacle: a feast for the eyes. “