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Sea air, soothing pine trees, the flavours of the sea… an authentic and genuine lifestyle is cultivated in Arcachon!

Are you looking for your next holiday destination? If your heart is torn between land and sea, Arcachon and its bay have both and are full of many hidden treasures.

Like the Dune of Pilat and Le Cap-Ferret which make a symbolic link between the Ocean and the continent, it’s as though a small inland sea has been drawn between the dunes and their golden sand, blue shores and verdant forests. A palette of natural colours and light which will do far more than fill in your travel diary.

You don’t visit Arcachon Bay, you experience it.

une destination à vivre et à aimer

Less than 3 hours from Paris and 1 hour from Bordeaux, the Bay of Arcachon is a kaleidoscope of natural landscapes and seascapes composed of ten towns and villages which are all as beautiful as each other: Arcachon, La Teste de Buch, Gujan-Mestras, Le Teich, Biganos, Audenge, Lanton, Andernos-les-Bains, Arès and Lège-Cap Ferret.

Since the beginnings of sea-side resorts with the rise of sea bathing in the 19th century, Arcachon has succeeded in keeping its traditions, authenticity and uniqueness. The sea air and the tides will twist you around their little finger.

It’s the ultimate seaside destination, with its fine sandy beaches, majestic dunes and pine forests stretching out to every horizon. A boon for the physically active who discover an impressive area for adventures on a daily basis: rambling trails and cycle tracks in the heart of nature, surfing spots and stretches of water suitable for all types of water sports.

In Arcachon, taking one’s time is a philosophy of life. It’s a taste of paradise for epicureans!  Take the time to wander to the cicada’s song, to stroll around the port of Arcachon, to walk around the markets with their one thousand and one smells and tastes or listen to the soft lapping water from your boat when heading for the Île aux Oiseaux.

Take the time to visit the Arcachon fish market, stop off at an oyster farmer’s cabin and discover the oyster farmer’s ancestral know-how. Taste a dozen oysters with your feet in the sand. A glass of white wine is a mandatory part of the ritual here and without it your holiday would not have the same ‘flavour’.

Enjoy the present moment… Arcachon is a great place to be.