Our missions

Welcome and information

Quality welcome with reliable information and personalized advice for visitors at the counter, on the phone and by e-mail

  • Search for accommodation availability
  • Internet and wifi access in reception hall
  • Reinforce team training to improve reception quality. Quality manual for new trainees and seasonal staff, with role-playing and participation in guided tours.

Access for people with reduced mobility

Provider coordination

  • Distribution of documentation to service providers several times a year.
  • Availability center for professionals and individuals: apartment listings on our platform, with creation of web windows and follow-up to update availability.
  • Accommodation visits
  • Advice and guidance for project developers
  • Monthly tourism newsletter and special newsletter for service providers to present new products.

Promotion – Coordination

  • Promote Arcachon as a destination through brochures: prepare the Arcachon guide with practical information, leisure activities, accommodation, etc.
  • VG flyers
  • Maintain relations with the press through press relations with …magazines
  • Group brochure
  • Guided tours: Tour design and guidance
  • Collect, analyze and make available tourist information on various communication tools: Tourist Office website, Sirtaqui regional database which feeds the regionaltourist database , highlighting information from service providers on the SIBA website as well as on the basin application.
  • Partner’s guide made available to tourism professionals. Click here for our partner guide

Furnished accommodation classification

The classification of meublés de tourisme is subject to strict criteria. It is established by an organization accredited by the Comité français d’accréditation (COFRAC) or the list of organizations referred to in 2° of article L. 324-1 of the French Tourism Code, for a period of five years, at the end of which the lessor must submit a new classification application if he wishes his accommodation to continue to benefit from classification.

For further information, please contact Emilie Nonette on 05 57 52 97 93 or communication-tourisme@arcachon.com.

You can download the furnished accommodation classification formhere

Management of the availability center

  • Creation and uploading to our database of property files from private renters or agencies
  • Follow-up of correct operation on our website
  • Assistance and support for individuals in their searchSearch fornew professional partners

Tourism development

  • support for project developers
  • development of new tourism products
  • creation of new guided tours
  • development of the Tourist Office website

Coordination of the quality approach

  • Organization of annual quality meetings
  • Organization of meetings with nautical service providers
  • Monthly and annual reviews with observatory at the Tourist Office
  • Leading the Destination Quality Group
  • In-house drafting of quality manual in line with national quality standards
  • Implementation of procedures and operating modes specific to the Tourist Office
  • Manage satisfaction surveys and complaints