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Les Abatilles

An incredible discovery

The Source of Les Abatilles was discovered by chance by engineer Louis Le Marié during prospective oil drilling in 1923. Instead of oil, he found hot, sulphur-rich water at 25°C. This source, which is the deepest in France, was exploited from 1925 onwards, a date at which it was recognised by the medical profession for its thermal qualities. It was called Sainte-Anne, in tribute to the patron saint of Brittany, Louis Le Marié being of Breton origin.


Light and pure

The water is sourced at 472 metres. Such a depth is unique in France and acts as a natural geological barrier against all types of pollution, that’s why this mineral water is one of the few in France to have zero nitrates. The depth also makes it possible to filter the surplus minerals through several strata of sand, limestone and clay which the water flows through to the spring. Thus, with a rate of 354 mg/l of dissolved salts, it figures in the very short list of French mineral waters which have low mineral content, which are neutral for the body and therefore easy to eliminate. It also has detoxifying qualities.


Each to his own water

The water of Les Abatilles is no longer just one water, there are several ranges and several different types of packaging. Firstly, still water for everyday consumption is packaged in small or large bottles. Then there is also the “Grand cru of water – La Bordelaise”, which can be still or slightly sparkling and packaged in very elegant Bordeaux-wine style bottles, the latter are very popular on the finest dining tables.


Follow the guide

Would you like to discover the secrets of the Spring? Guided tours are organised on Tuesdays and Thursdays all year-round from 10.00 a.m. onwards. On the agenda: a visit to a small museum where you will be told the fantastic saga of Les Abatilles, a visit of the bottling plant to discover the different manufacturing steps, and tastings directly from the Spring, where the water comes out at 25°C.