Cap Ferret

Between the Ocean and the Bay

An improvised picnic on the beach, oyster tasting in an oyster farmer’s cabin, a walk along the ocean shore, a stroll in the small streets of the oyster ports, or the discovery of the unmissable white and red silhouette of the lighthouse; there are one thousand and one ways to enjoy an excursion to the Cap-Ferret peninsula, moments to experience and share between Ocean and Bay.

All roads lead to the Lighthouse

From the top of its 53 metres, it overlooks the whole of the Arcachon Bay. The Cap Ferret lighthouse is one of the Bay of Arcachon’s most visited monuments. From the top of it, your breath will be taken away, as much from the 258 steps you have just climbed as by the impressive view extending in front of you, including the Conche of Mimbeau, the oyster farms, the Île aux Oiseaux, the bay’s channels, the Dune of Pilat, and the Atlantic Ocean.

La Pointe from A to Z

La Pointe of Cap-Ferret is a beach with a privileged view of the Dune of Pilat. Walkers can then cross the dunes thanks to a path of nearly 6 kilometres in length. It’s an interpretive landscape trail on the topic of mobility. From North to South, walkers can discover a great photo album in the form of signposts which follow the letters of the alphabet A for “Algue” (seaweed) and Z for “Zostère” (eelgrass), to better understand the outstanding landscape surrounding them. These ABC photo boards were installed by the Conservatoire du Littoral (the coastline conservation authority).


Life in the villages/oyster ports

Grand-Piquey, Piraillan, Le Canon, and L’Herbe. Beautiful little villages hide behind each of those names, bordered with colourful wooden cabins and flower-bedecked paths and with the Bay’s blue waters as a backdrop. Each village has its own personality, history and atmosphere. But the generosity common to all of them allows them to share authentic moments with passing visitors.  Stop off and taste a few oysters at an oyster farmer’s cabin in all simplicity. Many of them open their cabins for quick, unplanned tastings.