Take your time… with a stand-up-paddle

Discover the lagoon with a stand-up-paddle; you will get a breath-taking view of the Arcachon Bay coastline.

A light sea breeze, the Atlantic’s gentle sunshine, the lagoon’s shades of blue, from turquoise to indigo, with a backdrop of the Île aux Oiseaux set the scene.

The conditions are ideal for a stand-up-paddle tour of the Bay, SUP for those in the know. This sport is environmentally friendly and respects the fragile balance of the eco-system, this surfing discipline is very fashionable today on the Bay of Arcachon.  Stand-up-paddle can be practised year-round thanks to the calm waters of the Bay.

Alone, with friends or family, stand-up-paddle makes it possible to combine the joys of water sports, sun-bathing/tanning and the discovery of a natural and preserved coastline.

An outstanding setting for SUP fans

At high tide, the wild environment of the Bay of Arcachon reserves some beautiful surprises for stand-up-paddle enthusiasts. During a trip, follow the beach between the Pinasses – the Bay’s traditional boats – and moor your SUP to go and eat a dozen oysters in an oyster cabin on the sea front.

Several stand-up-paddle excursions make it possible to explore the treasures of the Bay at high tide: the Dune of Pilat, the Banc d’Arguin nature reserve, the Delta of the River Leyre, The ornithological reserve at le Teich, the Île aux Oiseaux and its famous Cabanes Tchanquées.

Downwind SUP fans can be nothing other than satisfied by the large number of routes available, depending on the wind and tides.

Stood up on your board, paddle in hand, you will be in awe of the breath-taking panorama and the natural environment of the Bay of Arcachon.


Stand-up-paddle rental and classes on the Bay of Arcachon

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own board, you can easily find one for rental!  Arcachon’s stand-up-paddle schools provide rental equipment and also individual or group lessons to learn from scratch or to progress in this water sport. State qualified instructors give SUP lessons suited to expectations, levels and people’s physical condition.

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