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The beaches

7 km of fine sand

7 km of fine, white sands

When the sun comes out, we are faced with a pleasant dilemma: how to choose where to bathe and on which beach to lay down our towel? Arcachon boasts 7 km of white sandy beaches and thus a broad choice of locations. It has to be said that Arcachon is the most reputed and popular resort in Gironde! You are free to choose the beach you want to go to in accordance with your taste and mood. Then, just dive in!


Arcachon honours all its beaches

Each beach has its own character and its own atmosphere, but they all share a common point: they’re the ideal place for bathing and relaxing. For example: the very lively Central Beach is located in front of Boulevard de la Plage.  It has a very long sea-side promenade, with a host of restaurants, cafés, shops, children’s clubs, activities, and piers. The beach of Eyrac is located between the town centre and the port, it’s appreciated for its tranquillity and is bordered by a cycle track and pathway for pedestrians set up on the sand. Pereire beach located to the west of the town centre is the longest and one of the most pleasant beaches in Arcachon, with great stretches of fine, white sand and a quiet tree-filled environment. Just before Le Moulleau, water sports enthusiasts enjoy the Abatilles-Arbousiers beach. Le Moulleau is the beach the farthest south of Arcachon, with a wonderful view of the Dune of Pilat and the Cap-Ferret lighthouse, shops and pier. The very quiet beaches of L’Aiguillon and La Pointe are located farther to the north. If you can’t make up your mind! Try them all!


A beach for everyone!

Arcachon has been certified with the Handiplage disability label. At Thiers there is an access ramp, a mat and a tiralo (a special beach wheelchair for people with reduced mobility).

Safe paddling

Strong or weak swimmers can splash around safely here. Regulated zones and life-guarded bathing areas are put in place every summer between the Thiers and Eyrac piers, and the Pereire and Le Moulleau beaches. Watch out for the flags!