Destination Arcachon

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A veritable showcase for professionals in the nautical industry,
the show is an opportunity to unveil new products, creations, know-how and innovations.
Numerous exhibitors of local, national and international renown will be making a stopover in Arcachon.
This year’s show offers visitors the chance to discover innovation, tourism, crafts, defense,
rescue and local products.

Two exceptional yachts!

Come aboard the “Français” and the “Phoenix” for an unforgettable visit

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Le Français

She is one of Europe’s last remaining traditional tall ships. Renovated in 1983 for the cinema, she has appeared in numerous TV and film productions, including Révolution, Les trois Mousquetaires, Beaumarchais, l’insolent, Shackleton, David Copperfield…

Home port: Saint-Malo, France
Flag: French
Year of construction: 1948
Shipyard: J. Ring-Andersen
Length: 46.60m / Beam: 8.50m
Sail area: 950 m2
Number of sails: 21
Weight: 460 tons

Le Phoenix

It was known as the Santa Maria and became the 15th-century carrack in the Ridley Scott film “1492: Christopher Columbus”. It also appears for distant scenes in the American film “In the Heart of the Ocean” (2015) directed by Ron Howard.

Home port: Quiberon, France
Flag: French
Year of construction: 1929
Shipyard: Hjorne et Jakobsen
Length: 34.10m / Beam: 6.6m
Sail area: 370 m2
Number of sails: 12
Weight: 78 tons

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Salon Nautique 2023
Salon Nautique 2023

Port d’Arcachon

Quai du commandant Silhouette

33120 Arcachon