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Print visibility

for you, Arcachon tourism professionals

The tourism magazine: a quality print medium

The content of the 2024 tourism magazine is evolving:

  • 45 pages will present the 5 districts of Arcachon, highlighting the nature and uniqueness of each site. Each district will end its description with a list of restaurants and accommodation.
  • 25 pages of practical information, including an exhaustive list of leisure tourism professionals and practical information.

With a print run of 25,000 copies, this publication is essential for holidaymakers preparing their stay, as well as for providing all the information they need on site.

In addition to this comprehensive magazine, in 2024 we will be publishing a separate pull-out listing accommodation and restaurants exclusively.

This publication will meet the specific needs of the high tourist season.

How to obtain these documents?

  • on site: at the Tourist Office or from socio-professionals wishing to distribute it to their customers
  • at Tourist Offices in the Arcachon Basin, Gironde and Landes regions
  • for consultation or download from our website
  • by post, on request from the Tourist Office
  • in our roadbook
Services offered :
  • if you are a service provider based in Arcachon :
    • please fill in the section(s) corresponding to your activity (company name and telephone number).
  • if you are a service provider not based in Arcachon :
    • advertise an activity that does not exist in Arcachon but is offered on the Bassin (company name and telephone number).
    • the activity must be complementary to what Arcachon has to offer and contribute to the enhancement of the site
    • a service provider from outside Arcachon, proposing an existing activity in our destination, will not be able to appear in our magazine.
Paid services :
  • advertising insertion (contact us to book your insertion for the 2024 magazine: Agence Composit 06 86 07 39 40 – 05 56 04 99 72)
  • price support 2024
  • the Tourist Office has the right to approve the choice of advertisements and their placement in the magazine
  • advertising insertions are in the form of advertorials or editorial advertorials.