A port open to the future

France’s 3rd-largest marina is alive and kicking all year round!

To better welcome the public and yachtsmen, to adapt to the needs of fishermen and marine professionals, but also to meet environmental challenges, the port continues to modernize.

A renowned artisanal fishery

With 1,500 tonnes of fish processed each year, the Port de Pêche d’Arcachon aims for quality rather than quantity.

Five trawlers, a dozen gillnetters and some forty small intra-Bassin boats fish all year round. It’s a traditional, artisanal activity, but one that’s perfectly regulated by health and hygiene measures. Early in the morning, the professionals unload their cargoes of noble fish: sole, sea bass, sea bream… in all, over 60 species renowned for their flavor and freshness.

At the Auction – the only one of its kind in Gironde – 3 times a week, more than 80 French and foreign buyers reserve their lots
from the auction room or remotely, with the help of a camera installed in the tidal hall.
The pallets are then glazed and dispatched to the various sectors: sole, queen of the Bassin fish,
to market stalls and fishmongers, as well as to restaurants in Arcachon, Paris and all over France.
and all over France.

More sustainable yachting

On the yachting side, the figures are just as impressive: in this harbour built in deep water to eliminate the effects of the tide – and therefore navigable all year round – there are 2,600 berths afloat, complemented by 650 moorings. By 2023, half of these will have been replaced by moorings with less environmental impact, to preserve seagrass and eelgrass beds.
110 motorboats will also join the dry dock racks. This is a practical, economical and environmentally-friendly solution, requiring less paint and less treatment against marine aggression.

In the working harbor, the many nautical professionals are busy preparing and repairing the boats, with the aim of collecting the waste before treatment and recycling in the appropriate channels. Nearby, members of diving, sailing
diving, sailing, rowing (an Olympic medallist!) and fishing and yachting associations share moments of conviviality
conviviality among sea enthusiasts. A partnership with the Echo-Mer association means that used neoprene wetsuits and sails can be recycled and given a second life.
From the quay, you can see the Cataglop, the Port’s pollution-removal vessel, which swallows floating waste and iridescent slicks. At 2 knots, it moves as slowly as the cyclists who ply the port’s lanes towards the harbour master’s office and its green roof.
roof. In the evening, they can still ride, because as soon as the sun disappears over the horizon, photovoltaic lighting takes over.
A sustainable port is also beautiful at night…

QSE certified

In 2007, Arcachon became the first port in Europe to achieve all 3 “Quality”, “Safety” and “Environment” certifications (9001, 14 001, 18001). These certifications were renewed in 2016 for a further 10 years.

Clean port

The Port has launched an environmental study to better manage its energy resources and their impact on the environment. The result is a new AFNOR “Clean Ports” certification.

Contact details:
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