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Your table’s waiting! A delightful seaside escapade is waiting for you.

The seafood platter, a must-have in the Bassin

In Arcachon, there are rituals from which you can simply not escape:  enjoying a seafood platter for example. This unmissable indulgence embodies the charm of local gastronomy perfectly, as it’s simple, delicious and authentic.

Much to the enjoyment of gourmets, these freshly-caught sea foods go simply from sea to plate and promise to delight your taste buds. Coming as they do from the Bay of Arcachon and the nearby ocean, this ultra-short supply chain guarantees freshness and taste.



Freshness and quality as key words

Oysters are undisputedly the star of a seafood platter in a region which evokes gentle sea spray and where oyster farms shape the landscape. In addition to the oyster farmers’ cabins which only offer oyster and a few other products for tasting (whelks, prawns, queen scallops), the fish monger’s stalls and the restaurants’ menu cards in Arcachon bear witness to the variety of shellfish and crustaceans you can eat here. Some establishments even have seafood platters as their specialities, enjoy them on a restaurant terrace, at the port or near the beach!

The ideal seafood platter presented on a bed of seaweed, is skilfully composed of cooked crustaceans  – spider crab, brown shrimp, velvet crab, crayfish, lobster, crab – and raw and cooked shellfish –  oysters, sea urchins, whelks, winkles, dog cockles, razors, queen scallops, and cockles.

Just take off their shells and enjoy them with a good glass of white wine, rye bread, slightly salted butter and delicious homemade mayonnaise!

Is your mouth watering yet? As a couple, among friends or with family, hurry to enjoy a feast from the open sea!



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